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We are a boutique travel agency specializing in cultural, recreational and culinary travel to the Adriatic Region.

The Adriatic region is known for its exceptional hospitality, and Adria Trips strives to be the same. We take great pleasure in planning trips for our clients with our native land’s how-can-I-help-you attitude. In fact, there’s nothing our team loves more than personally connecting the culturally curious with the local spirit of a destination.

We take the time to understand your needs and interests before developing a personal itinerary designed to delight you. We reach out to our friends and connections to make sure you experience the best beaches, top restaurants and the secret spots only the locals know.

Our experienced, professional team is always looking out for you so there are no unpleasant surprises. When it comes time to plan your next trip, we hope you’ll choose to travel with us. We can’t wait to help you make the memories of a lifetime!

Živjeli! Salute! Cheers!

WHat we do

We create memorable journeys that are customized to your taste and preferences.

We are passionate about travel that is rich in cultural content, recreation and that introduces us to new culinary experiences. We love learning about new destinations and we love sharing our knowledge with our clients.

Our services include sightseeing, visits to wineries, unique local restaurants, ranches and farms. We also organize sailing trips along the Croatian coast, recreational vacations that involve a lot of hiking, biking and mountaineering, as well as yoga retreats.

The Adriatic has a lot to offer, and we are looking forward to create the perfect vacation for you!

Where we can take you

We focus on travel to Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, but we do not shy away from other destinations.

Croatia is currently one of the hottest summer destinations, but it’s still not overly crowded as the historically more popular destinations, such as Italy, Spain or Greece. You will find plenty of hidden spots and pristine beaches, if you prefer a more low-key vacation. If you’re the party type, there is a lot for you, too.

Slovenia is slowly but surely competing with Croatia when it comes to nature and recreational tourism. Serbia will win you over with its food, especially if you are a meat lover. Montenegro has also been featured for a few decades now in many travel magazines, and is also a great destination for those in search of breathtaking landscapes and beaches.



If you’re interested in our planning process and would like us to work on your itinerary, feel free to leave us a message!

For inquiries about partnerships or collaboration, please reach out to info@adriatrips.com

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