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About Us

Our Story

Adria Trips was founded in 2017 in Berkeley, California. The motivation was simple – let American travelers experience Croatia and the surrounding region in the most unique and genuine way.

We rely on a strong network of suppliers in Croatia and the region than help us organize unique itineraries for our clients.

Our Team

Srdana Pokrajac

Founder | Travel Specialist

A native of Rovinj, a small picturesque town on the Istrian Peninsula, Srdana moved to California in 2010. Srdana has been a travel consultant since 2017 and has a passion for sharing her favorite travel experiences with her clients. If you choose to travel with Adria Trips, Srdana will be your contact person and trip planner.

Karla Oblak

Partner | Recreation Specialist

Karla is a triathlete, yoga instructor and personal coach. She is passionate about teaching people how to transform themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Karla loves life, movement and tries to live in balance with nature. Karla organizes hiking, cycling, running and swimming activities, as well as yoga retreats.

Our Passion

Active Vacations

We love adventure! If you are the active type, you will love our itineraries!

Culinary Journeys

We love food! If you’re a foodie, you’ll have a great time traveling with us!

Culture & Leisure

We love culture! The Adriatic is a great region for the history buffs!

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