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There is lot to be said about food in the Adriatic, but why talk about it, when you could eat it instead?

We often get asked what the food is like in the Adriatic, and that seems to be one of the most challenging questions we face. “Amazing” doesn’t quite cut it, because a lot of food is amazing and also, taste is disputable. “Eclectic” seems to get close. Depending on the country or province you find yourself in, you are likely to find the specialties to be very different, which is interesting for a region that many would perceive as quite small. History has definitely left its mark and so has the inventiveness of people. From traditional Istrian fusi (or fuži), whipped cod spread (bakalar) and fritule, to strukli or mlinci in the Croatian Zagorje, and from Dalmatian hobotnica pod pekom (octopus “under the lid”), to Slovenian Prekmurska gibanica or Serbian mućkalica, you are likely to experience quite the voyage on your palate.


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