As native Central and Southeastern Europeans, we are very excited to introduce visitors to the region we grew up in.

the adriatic region

Welcome to your new favorite part of the world! The Adriatic offers a little bit of everything for all tastes and preferences when it comes to travel experiences. Whether you are an adventurous spirit and are looking for untouched nature and low-key beaches or whether you prefer resorts with all inclusive amenities, you can find your niche in the Adriatic. National parks, recreation areas, world-class wineries and restaurants, golf courses, sailing, hiking trails, spa resorts – and more! Each country has its own offering that will not leave you indifferent.

Come get a taste of this ever evolving region!


Pristine beaches, ancient lakes, picturesque towns, and more than 2,000 years of history only start to justify Croatia’s increasing popularity as a top destination for travelers worldwide.


Slovenia is a charming country at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe. Abundant in breathtaking landscapes and friendly people, Slovenia will be a delightful experience for curious and adventurous travelers.


Serbia is about to experience its tourism boom but worldly travelers have been fond of Belgrade, its capital city, for a few decades now. Serbia is suitable for the culturally curious and adventurous travelers, and particularly suitable for the gourmands.


If you are traveling through the Balkan Peninsula, you can’t miss a trip to Montenegro. Mesmerizing golden beaches, dramatic landscapes and a rich culture will soon put this hidden gem among your top favorite travel destinations. 



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