Be prepared to try something different


at the crossroads

Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage, you will be delighted by the many different flavors of Serbian cuisine

Serbia is located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula and is at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe. Belgrade, the capital city, attracts many visitors from around the world and is considered to be a city for “every taste and every budget”. Serbia, like most of the region, was under the rule of different empires, such as the Ottoman and the Austro-Hungarian. The Ottoman Empire has in particular left a lot of influence on the language, the food, the dress and the architecture.

Apart from important monuments and landmarks dating back to pre-history, Serbia is also home to many national parks such as Fruška Gora in the Northwest, and Djerdap in the East, bordering Romania.

While Serbian cuisine is rather diverse, be prepared to enjoy some of the best meat dishes in the region. You will easily find a plate of ćevapi in any of the Balkan countries, but Serbians take great pride in their version. Kajmak and ajvar are a must on the side.