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We offer a multitude of services, from custom-made itineraries to specialized journeys such as yoga retreats and wellness vacations.


tailored journeys

We are here to help you create the ideal itinerary for your journey to the Adriatic.

Whether you are a fan of active vacations or prefer to take it slow, we are here to help you plan the ideal vacation. First, we take some time understanding your tastes and preferences, as well as traveling style, and then we make recommendations based on our knowledge and experience. We keep you involved in the planning process and make required adjustments until we find the best version for you.

It all begins with a call!

themed travel

We proudly work with local suppliers in the Adriatic region. Based on your tastes and preferences, we will help you choose the right activity and match you with the best suppliers.


Whether you choose to travel on your own or with a specialized guide, the Adriatic is perfect for travelers who love their endorphin rush. If your dream vacation involves plenty of activity, the Adriatic is the place for you!


The Adriatic region is blessed with bountiful nature that inspires healthy living. We are happy to present you with several options for yoga retreats in different locations along the coast and inland, near beaches or in the mountains.


Everybody deserves a little “me-time” from time to time, so why not plan a vacation around it? The Adriatic region is home to a variety of wellness resorts for different tastes and preferences. It’s time to get pampered!


If food is essential to your discovering of a new destination, the Adriatic will be quite the treat. The region’s unique cuisine is a result of the influence of the many different cultures that inhabited the region over the centuries.


The Adriatic region is home to famous historical landmarks and UNESCO heritage sites. Traveling to the Adriatic provides a great opportunity to get immersed in and touched by centuries of history.



There are many options for accommodation depending on your traveling style.


We offer great deals on flights from the US to Europe. E-mail or call us for more details.

car rental

Renting a car gives you more freedom to move around and explore at your own pace.


our promise


We strive to provide the best quality of service by making sure our clients are well taken care of at every step of the journey.


The Adriatic is a unique region that will leave you refreshed, energized and inspired. More importantly, you’ll likely want to return!

unique experiences

If you travel with Adria Trips, we will curate your journey so that you get a taste of the true local spirit of a destination.




If you’re interested in our planning process and would like us to work on your itinerary, feel free to leave us a message!

If you would like to only book accommodation, flights or car rentals, we can help!

For inquiries about partnerships or collaboration, please reach out to info@adriatrips.com

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