Tailored Itineraries

Whether you are a fan of active vacations or prefer to take it slow, we are here to help you plan the ideal vacation. First, we will take some time understanding your taste, preferences, and traveling style, and then we will make recommendations based on our knowledge and experience. We keep you involved in the planning process and make required adjustments until we find the best vacation.

Culinary Journeys

If food is essential to your discovering of a new destination, the Adriatic will be quite the treat. The region’s unique cuisine is a result of the influence of the many different cultures that inhabited the region over the centuries.

Culinary Education

We are thrilled to offer world-class culinary education in partnership with Kul-IN, the leading culinary school in Croatia. Learn about Croatian cuisine, and take the opportunity to enroll in exchange programs in Italy, France or Switzerland.

Culture & Leisure

Traveling to the Adriatic provides a great opportunity to get immersed in centuries of history. You will find archeological sites that date to prehistory, monuments and ruins dating back to the Greek and Roman Empires, as well medieval and more modern landmarks.

Yoga Retreats

Whether you choose to travel on your own or with a specialized guide, the Adriatic is perfect for travelers who love their adrenaline rush. If your dream vacation involves plenty of activity, the Adriatic is the place for you!

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