Slovenia is blessed with nature and scenery that will inspire you to be active and stay healthy.


Discover slovenia

Like many of its neighboring countries, Slovenia is still quite unknown among travelers, but the more adventurous ones have already become repeat visitors.

Formally located in Central Europe, Slovenia truly has a specific flavor when compared to the other countries of the Adriatic region. It has a taste of the Mediterranean because it has access to the Adriatic sea and borders with Croatia to the South, but it also has a more dominant Central European character that was perhaps strongly influenced by its neighbors in the North, East and West. Good news for the culturally-curious, including foodies and wine-lovers.

Slovenia is quietly but surely gaining popularity among tourists, especially the ones who like to stay active. Slovenia has gorgeous mountains, rivers and hiking trails. It is also home to the famous Lake Bled. The capital, Ljubljana, is bustling with life, especially youth. Riverside cafés and restaurants, theaters and engaging nightlife have increasingly been attracting tourists from Europe and other parts of the world.