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Active Culinary Tour

Cooking Classes

On our tours you will have the chance to learn how to make home-made pasta like fuzi and pljukanci, fish dishes from scratch and how to prepare cripnja or peka – dishes made using traditional clay pots.

Wine Tasting

Wine production in Istria is also confined to mostly family-run businesses, and some consider that to be a blessing when it comes to preserving the authenticity of taste. Istria has a multitude of terroirs, making the soil appropriate for growing many varieties, including Malvasia, Cabernet and Teran – an endemic grape.

Tour Information

Our tours are best suited for groups of a minimum of 6 people. Every tour is accompanied by a tour leader and a dedicated tourist guide. Tours are private and guided, with a private mini-van dedicated solely to the group. Quality is our top priority, as well as the comfort and safety of our guests.

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Join us on a 5 day adventure in Istria and discover why this region is often dubbed the “Tuscany of Croatia”. This small peninsula is blessed with fertile ground and a mild climate that has for centuries been ideal for growing vine and olive trees. The Istrian soil is also home to the highest quality of black and white truffle, a delicacy you will also have a chance to try on one of our journeys. On our carefully crafted tours, we celebrate Istrian cuisine – which is an interesting combination of coastal and continental flavors. In addition, different cultures have contributed to its richness over many centuries, including Italian, Austrian and French.

The Flavors

Istrian cuisine combines simple ingredients but gives each ingredient its own merit. It commonly includes Mediterranean spices and herbs, such as bay leaves, basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme. Fish such as cod, sardines and anchovies are frequently on the menu, and so are dry meats like prosciutto and carpaccio made from the endemic boskarin ox. You should not leave Istria without trying a plate of manestra, and if you’re lucky even jota, a sauerkraut-enriched soup.

Olive Oil Tasting

In 2019, Istria has been voted “Best Olive Oil Region” by the Flos Olei olive oil guide for the fourth consecutive year. Even though Istrian olive-oil production is small scale and mostly family-run, Istrian olive oils are well known among worldly connoisseurs.

Staying Active

To work up your appetite, we combined our tours with plenty of activities, such as yoga, sightseeing, and hiking. We will start our day with a yoga session – which is optional, and we will spend the morning either in nature, at a cooking class or exploring Istrian towns and wineries. Afternoons and evenings are booked for eating, wine and olive oil tasting, as well as socializing – on your own or with the group.

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