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Our mission is to plan the best itinerary according to your travel style, lifestyle choices and preferences. We strive to take you to destinations we’ve personally visited and recommend the hotspots we have personally enjoyed. We love putting you in touch with our personal connections who are owners or managers at well-known or newly opened restaurants, hotels or B&B’s because we care about building and nurturing relationships.


It all begins with a phone call

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation that will help us understand your travel wishes.

Travel Interest Questionnaire

We also encourage you to fill out our Travel Interest Questionnaire that will help us prep for our call.


1. Consultation
An initial consultation helps us gather basic information about your trip, such as ideal destination, trip duration, number of travelers and budget. If you decide to work with us, we ask you to sign a Traveler Agreement and Terms & Conditions. We collect a non-refundable deposit ($500) which will be applied towards your trip.
2. Itinerary Design
Based on our conversation and your answers in the Travel Interest Questionnaire, we start building your itinerary. We consult with you on our choices and revise until we have crafted the perfect itinerary.
3. Final Arrangements
Upon confirmation of the final itinerary, we make the final bookings and reservations. You will receive an electronic copy of your itinerary package. The package will also contain relevant contact information, as well as suggestions on trendy dining spots, events and interesting venues.
4. Bon Voyage!
Off you go! Your trip has begun. Remember, we are always an e-mail or phone call away should you have any questions or should you need directions or clarifications.


Basic Itinerary
2-3 itinerary iterations
  • Destination Research
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Activities Booking
Master Itinerary
Up to 5 itinerary iterations
  • Airfare Booking
  • Ground Transportation Booking
  • Destination Research
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Activities Booking
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