Adria Trips has been in the business of finding great deals on international flights for almost 20 years. We are thankful to our base of repeat customers and we are happy to serve them by finding lower rates than many online booking engines. Please fill out the form below or give us a call so we can help you find a flight to your desired destination.


We have many clients traveling to the Adriatic region during the Summer months and around Christmas. Both periods are considered high season and prices usually skyrocket the closer the date of departure. If you are planning a trip around this time, we highly recommend starting to look for your flight a few months ahead in order to find a better price.

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"Absolutely wonderful. I travel to Prague every year and typically book myself. I honestly consider myself pretty skilled when it comes to finding bargains. I was so pleasantly surprised how much better and smoother this can actually be. Not only my ticket cost almost 50% less than usual, the whole process took just few hours. Srdana was in touch the whole time keeping me posted on different options, doing her best to fit my tight work schedule. She even checked back with me way after hours. This is definitely going above and beyond. Thank you!!!"
Dasha Biswas
Finance Professional

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